This Week, A Fast Forward

There are so many things coming up this week! Things to do, things arriving in the mail, and some things I want to commit to as well.

  • Monday – need to finish cleaning my apartment! I love a spotless apartment. And it’s time to change the arrangement of the furniture in my bedroom to maximize my enjoyment of that room. For now, I don’t really like being in there… the feng shui must be all wrong.
  • Tuesday – eye appointment! Time to get another year’s worth of contacts, and hopefully a new pair of super chic glasses that I’ll want to sport ~all the time~ to give my eyes some rest from the contacts
  • Wednesday – appointment at Elizabeth Ashton nail spa for an hour long pedicure.
  • Thursday – appointment at the dentist!~ Time for a cleaning! I get so excited to go to the dentist it’s kinda ridiculous considering how much I used to hate it asĀ  lil’ kid.
    Also, the arrival of two packages – one from Net-A-Porter and the other from Nordstrom. Beyond exciting!!
  • Friday – PAY DAY, yay.
  • Sunday – True Blood season 4 premiere!

Things to remember to do this week:

Eyebrow threading on Monday. Laundry on Tuesday or Friday as time allows. Also, I feel I’ve been neglecting my old passions – makeup and reading. I need to finish reading Let the Right One In and focus on my makeup in the mornings before work. This is another reason why the layout of my bedroom must change to allow for more light in the morning. After a week of appointments I want to go to yoga. Friday sounds like the perfect day to start.

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