When You Find Yourself Wanting…

Remember that your shoe collection is already complete.

I’ve splurged the past few weeks on completing my shoe collection. Splurged is even putting it nicely.

Under my arsenal now:

  • Louboutin Pigalle 120 patent leather in black
  • Giuseppe Zanotti E16159 patent leather d’orsay pumps with black sparkle at the side!
  • Acne Pistol boots in black leather
  • Isabel Marant Dicker boots in black suede
  • Repetto Jackson patent leather loafer

Honestly, I tried many ballet flats and found none that suited me. So now with the shoes I already owned plus all these new additions I should be set for… YEARS. Now let’s see how long I can forgo buying another pair of shoes… oh dear goodness help me! Anyway, yes all my new pairs are black. But honest, I didn’t own any black pumps (other than my Zara suede pair that are quickly looking very worn) or any black boots!

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