DaySeptember 1, 2011

people round here wear beaten down eyes


I spent my Thursday in Los Angeles, downtown and La Brea. You know, to see how I would feel living nearby.

The vibe is definitely infinitely different. Some car nearly hit me as I was exiting the freeway because they changed their mind about exiting the freeway instead of sucking it up and getting off and then back on the freeway. That was off-putting. The traffic sucked, too, as did all the street lights and the endless stream of pedestrians. Once I reached The Grove and the surrounding area things got better, though. I spotted a celebrity (Analeigh Tipton), got to experience two Alexander Wang bags in one room (one mine, one belonging to someone nearby), and experienced some good fashion. People were wearing heels! How revolutionary.

LA has everything. It meets my fashion expectations.

But taking the very very very long scenic route through downtown was pretty intense. Pretty, but intense.

Everything felt so impacted and it was weird seeing a really great place to eat right beside a cheap store. It confused my senses.

OK that’s not to say I live out in the middle of nowhere… but when testing the waters to see if LA proper was for me, I just was not feeling it in quite the same way as when I know I’m just hanging out there.

By the end of the evening, I was so glad to be getting onto my very familiar freeway (where going 75-80 mph is the norm due to minimal traffic) and coming HOME to brand new palm trees in front of my apartment, the comfort of knowing the ocean is a mere walk away, etc. Missing LBC never felt so good.