De-cluttering is just so darn hard. I feel like I spent as many free moments as possible this weekend and even today cleaning and clearing my apartment to reveal the beautiful style underneath the mess. And yet I still have sticky notes everywhere, jackets strewn about, and shoes littering every. single. room. of my apartment.

I simultaneously want more and want less all at once. I want the perfect staple wardrobe with just curated favorites in my closet, but to achieve that I need more more more.

How exhausting is that?

Excess bothers me.

I have two bookshelves already in my living room and still not all of my books are out. They are still packed in boxes since March… unacceptable! And the amount of makeup I have in all those drawers… I just want to give it all away or mass sell it as one big lot of makeup.

Nothing brings me more joy than knowing I will finally finish my FIRST full bottle of foundation… Silly, right? I just can’t wait for products to finish so I can use all the crap I’ve accumulated.

Currently I’m heavily into interior design. Recent acquisitions include two vintage looking frames (one which now houses my diploma – finally took it out of the envelope it was mailed to me in), several plants, a small bedside table lamp, and in-transit are some statues! It’s easier to focus on accent decor because they add big impact with very little monetary commitment!

The holidays are just around the corner… which means holiday decorating!! I can’t wait until it’s cold enough for me to wear layer upon layer of clothes~! Chic scarves, beanies, jackets, long sleeves, and a perfectly good excuse for hot chocolate in the middle of the day. Cooomeee on rain! 🙂

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