DayOctober 19, 2011

Static Noise in my eyes

The one thing that fills up a majority of my time these days: watching television. I’ve made it a mission to watch as many of the new fall shows as possible. It kills the amount of time I spend thinking, getting bad cases of the Sad, and so on. So what’s good this season?

American Horror Story – Let’s start off by saying that this is the first horror genre series I’ve ever seen. Is it scary? Oh yeah. So much so I have to wait until the next day (daylightttt) to watch it! Also let’s not forget Vivien wears Theyskens’ Theory, Violet reads Camus, and a song they keep playing on the show is Mirah’s “Special Death.” Just the coolness of this show alone makes it worth watching, but it’s also legitimately scary. OH! Most important of all: the characters are NOT stupid. They will not answer the door to strangers, they immediately call the police, and they definitely question suspicious things. Brilliant.

The New Girl – Eh. Zooey Deschanel’s character is impossibly annoying. Her male co-stars make this show bearable. But this show has been put on hold I believe, due to baseball season.

Pan Am – Oh the fashion! The travel! And one of the characters is working as a spy of sorts. I cannot explain it, but this show is great. It’s worth watching! This is like the new Mad Men but instead of staying primarily in an office we get to travel all over the world.

Dexter – I never really got into this show. And I’m not really into it now either. It’s interesting but it’s not all that great. Every episode follows pretty much the same guideline and I know just what to expect. Never having seen the other seasons, I was able to pick this up fairly easily with just a smidgen of background knowledge I had heard from here and there. I cannot possibly imagine anyone watching so many seasons of this show.

Homeland – Oh yeaaah. Carrie Mathison, CIA ops officer is bipolar which adds some interest to the show. She’s constantly frantic but she sees things a little bit differently, and has such dedication to her counter-terrorism assignment. This show feels so modern and relevant in today’s world. It’s exciting and there’s a lot coming, I can just tell. Homeland is quickly becoming one of my fave shows this season.

Terra Nova – Sux. The grafix are so 2000 or something. The plotline so far is just mediocre… and I haven’t even watched the last episode… I sort of don’t want to, either.

90210 – FAVE. This has been my favorite show for a few years now! It just gets better and better. <3 <3 <3 No words needed.

Revenge – I had not heard of this show until someone in my family mentioned it. I looked it up andddd because it’s loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo this became something worth watching. Emily shows such dedication to ruining the lives of everyone that put her father in prison it’s a little scary, a little bad, and a whole lotta good. Every week I get excited to see what Emily pulls out from her hat of tricks to ruin someone.

Ringer – The fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar is the main star here is not what attracted me to this show. But her acting is great in this show. And once again, there’s a lot of sneaky messed up stuff going on. Sarah plays two characters – twins Bridget and Siobhan. I love learning about each individual character, I love watching shows with twins, and I’m not so secretly rooting for Bridget (the twin trying to turn her life around).

2 Broke Girls – The worst thing about this show is that it’s only 30 minutes, with a ton of commercials thrown in, so like 20 minutes. This show is unexpectedly funny, modern, and relevant. Two girls are both broke, living together, and trying to save enough money to start their own business. The actresses are perfect.

Let’s see… what else? I watched the pilot of Enlightened some days ago and the 2nd or 3rd ep of the second season of How to make it in America. I’ll have to reserve judgment until I watch a few more episodes. Also the new Law & Order: SVU this season sees the departure of Elliot, Olivia’s long-time partner in crime fighting. :\ I have the episodes recorded, but I only saw the first ep of this new season. Olivia seems wildly out of character but maybe for good reason given her partner is gone. Making current plans to backtrack and catch up on Boardwalk Empire because the 1920s are just so damn fashionable. The only reason I never watched the first season was because I did not know what the show was about and just really never bothered to look it up!