Work to live or Live to work?

I’m holding on to the idea that I want to live to work, not just work to live. There’s this push and pull between logic and emotion, as always. As much as I KNOW I need financial stability in my life, I’m not happy… and not financially stable anyway for that matter! So nothing is quite sitting right in my life.

There are a few obvious things: my job is nowhere near my dream profession, I have a lot of bills to pay, my job is just barely sufficient to cover my expensive cost of living.

I feel like it’s this sort of “all or nothing” situation I am dealing with.

In order to find the dream job I feel like I have to let go of my apartment, let go of my financial “stability” and let go of my current lifestyle. It seems like a lot of sacrifice is required to achieve what I feel is going to make me happy. Unhappiness as a means to attaining happiness? Something strikes me as odd.

There’s a lot of inner turmoil within me these days.

At some point I have to just give in and succumb to the idea that this is my job. Or… give in and relinquish everything I have to find something new.

One thought on “Work to live or Live to work?

  1. I don’t believe it’s all or nothing. Unfortunately to obtain what you dream is going to be a long hard journey or ups and downs.

    If you’re really unhappy with your job and you feel like it’s not benefiting you in anyway, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere. Maybe somewhere closer to your dream. If not somewhere which will give you new experiences and skills and in the mean time work towards your dream in ways of volunteering or hobbying.

    That’s what I’ve succumb to in the last few years. I have my main plan.. Plan B which will be there and stable while I quietly work on Plan A on the side 🙂

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