Time Lapse

It’s funny how in the previous post “one full year flew by” very quickly but the time in between that post and this one has felt infinitely long. But I suspect it’s that because in between then and now I went to Spain, to Germany, and the holiday season is so far underway it’s almost gone and past.

I love when things happen. Travel happened. Experiences. Memories. Friends. Fun. Tears. Emotional breakdowns (not necessarily mine, lol…).

From then to now it feels like a whole other world has been set before me and I hardly recognize the world from the previous moment in time mentioned in the post prior to this one.

My state of mind feels so different. My mood altered. My person changed.

This is exactly the kind of thing I needed in my life. A little bit of change. Breathing different air, experiencing something far different from the daily mundane. Even the mundane feels that much more bearable because of the break in repetition.

There’s far too much I want to say and write. I just want to write and write and write. But sometimes that takes too much focused effort. So I compromise by spending more time thinking now without getting down in writing all my thoughts.

OK, this post is rather pointless but too much time elapsed between that post and now. Just wanted to share: my vacation was amazing and I’m OK being back at work. But if I had the chance I would move to Berlin. It’s a city I have learned to love despite the freezing cold temperatures. (:

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