That Would Mean This Meant Something

We need no proper ending, that would mean this meant something.

Anthony Green on Saturday was mind-blowingly amazing. No words can really describe the feeling to encapsulate the experience at The Fox in Pomona. I’ve seen Anthony Green perform several times over these past few years – his solo stuff and Circa Survive. Any venue he’s performed at nearby I’ve gone and I also had the pleasure of meeting him at UCSB when we brought him to our school (uhm yeah I died). Anyway, this Saturday his energy was at an all time high. I mean he was really into it. He poured his heart into the performance. And I could feel it!

I could scarcely sing along because the words were getting caught in my throat, and at one point I felt my body kind of shake at the emotion the songs were causing in me. I don’t even remember on what song that first happened, I was just caught up in Anthony Green world. My heart was just feeling so FULL and I could literally feel this bursting emotion like when I feel love.

And yes I do love me some Anthony Green music. Even if I can’t relate to the song, they’re so meaningful and beautiful and personal. And suddenly a song will take on new meaning and with each successive listen it means something new. I hear new nuances all the time.

I want to relive that concert over and over. Get that feeling back. I miss that feeling of love. It’s so hard to feel that way, for me anyway. So today, on this day of love, I am a mixture of amazingly happy and disastrously sad. But life goes on and the best we can do to make the sadness go away is to focus on all the Beautiful Things.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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