A month and a half later. I’m going to make some lists and resolutions.

  • Get fit, get fit, get fit!
    I hate reminiscing about the days when I could do push-ups without stopping for what seemed like days. I just love having upper body strength. And I remember I could also do crunches for days – I would do a bit over 600 every night. I know in my heart of hearts I love upper body strength and I miss being fit. Secretly I’m meant to be fit. Lol. Plus I’m so into fashion and all those high-end items would look much better on a more fit body.
  • Go to yoga.
    I love yoga. My body always shakes when I do this. Yoga strengthens parts of my body I never focus on. Like holding the entire weight of my body on my toes? Yeah, my legs were shaking at the intensity of that… but it seemed so… amazing. I’m craving yoga right now. I think part of me likes yoga because of how stationary and strength-focused it is. Running hurts, like a bitch. I have 0 lower body strength, for shizzle. So anyway yoga is just the bomb dizzle.
  • Buy and wear dresses.
    I love dresses! They’re flattering, comfortable, and so easy to throw on – no styling required. So why do I only own 2 everyday day dresses? It’s a mystery! Time to start finding some dresses. For work, for daytime – must serve both functions. This will also allow for prints in my life. I do not wear prints – solid colors only – except in dresses. For dresses I make the exception to make statements.
  • Read!
    Slowly I’m getting through Games of Thrones. But I only read during my lunch break. Somehow I get the feeling that reading for 30 mins a day is not going to quite cut it. I won’t finish very quickly that way, but I do get through several pages to feel satisfied.
  • Do the natural/organic/botanic thing.
    Yeah, I don’t know. Lately I’ve just been so into the vegan hair-products, all-natural yadda yadda. For some reason using essential oils and going back to basics feels much more minimal and satisfying to me. Lol, at one point I was just like, “who the heck am I these days?” with the whole natural dealy.
  • Learn to cook.
    I’ve been cooking a lot lately. Basic stuff though – nothing crazy. But it also feels satisfying knowing “hey, I made this!” or rather… “hey, I threw all these ingredients together and made it into a basic meal!” but it’ll do. There is something so chic about creating something simple that tastes so delicious and enjoyable. I’m trying to make my meals an experience. Usually this is a lone experience but with a friend staying at my place temporarily, dinner is actually a PART of my day, an event whereas before it was this rushed endeavor to fill my body with calories.

OK, that’s all for now.

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