DayJuly 6, 2012

F/W Purchases

Yeah okay so this blog chronicles very little anymore.

I have begun my Fall/Winter purchases already though!! I am super duper excited and cannot wait to start receiving some goodies in preparation for when the days and nights start to get chilly. Nothing cements a memory more than a really fabulous outfit.

For Spring/Summer I think I only purchased one Isabel Marant tee and a pair of sneakers. I’m rarely a S/S kind of gal. I invest more in F/W … despite living in practically season-less Southern California. 😀

Without further ado here are the goodies I am waiting for:

Isabel Marant Cardigan (unsure about which season this comes from, but definitely not current season) – purchased on Yoox.

Isabel Marant Ouda Wyoming pullover – from Matches Fashion

AND FINALLY… These babies were extremely difficult to find available online in my size.

I’m peeeeerrtttyyy excited. 🙂 There are definitely a few more things on my IM wishlist for Fall/Winter but for now my bank account hates me! Haha.