It is widely known that I 1. love to color my hair (at the salon) and 2. frequently use products not widely available in the U.S. Okay maybe #2 is not *widely*known but it’s very true. From my French makeup removing cleanser to my German toothpaste, I have a pretty international beauty routine. And one that is preferably all-natural/organic/herbal, etc. Yeah it sounds like high maintenance doesn’t it? Actually honestly I just have very little faith in my own country’s efficacy at doing much of anything. Yes that also sounds quite bad. I’m European in heart and soul, I think.

Anyway. Going back to fact #1 about me, my hair is frequently colored in some form of red. Mind you, my hair rarely stays red for long. I’m starting to lose my faith in hairdressers. So now I am embarking on a journey of *doing something about it*.

After extensive YTing, Googling, and stalking hair color blogs I’ve decided to start using some intense products to keep my hair vibrant and red. I am so sick of ending up with brown hair after two weeks of brilliant red hair, if that long!

For my records here are the products that I am going to try to find/order/beg a professional to acquire for me:

  • L’Oreal Majicontrast in Red – searching
  • 30 Developer
  • Tressa Watercolors in Fluid Fire Shampoo – acquired, used 1x
  • Revlon Nutri Color Creme 500 Purple Red – purchased, in-transit
  • Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair – searching
  • Agadir Argan Oil

A few redheads online have recommended varying Schwarzkopf hair products for some reason. I wholeheartedly (and maybe foolishly) trust German products. I mean from my German face cream to my German toothpaste… you get the idea.

My one pet peeve though is buying new hair products when I have alternatives. I already have a hair mask. But it’s a protein hair treatment and I *think* protein might pull out hair color? Also I VERY RECENTLY established a 100% organic hair routine that I’m comfortable with and now I’m changing it up, or so it would seem… That annoys me to death. I hate the fact that I have stashes of shampoos and conditioners and keep searching for new ones.

It’s all in the hopes of finding my HG products right?


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