DayJuly 19, 2012

Past Life

The one thing I would change? 1700s, not 1800s.

I like to think that “past lives” influence my life simply because I’ve got so many and many-varied interests. I feel such a close affinity to many different time periods, many different modes of being and living. I know it’s silly, and unlikely. But when we have string theory somehow I just get this feeling that many impossible things really are possible.

Most of the time I feel so disconnected from the present. I dwell on the past, a lot. I don’t crave the future very often. I crave the past. Talk about an impossibility. My favorite thing about modern times is accessibility. More than ever I feel able to connect to the past in a delightful way.

The internet houses so much time and space. I am able to find renaissance music, medieval music, jazz age music, really old Argentinian music, music airing in India right at this very moment, etc. I am able to reach so far and so wide. We are able to breach time and space without going anywhere. Of course mobility would be much more engaging and interactive and preferable. But barring that – this accessibility is the best thing that’s ever happened to us.

Time Periods/Places to Which I Feel An Affinity For:

  • 1920s almost anywhere in the world – France, America, Spain, etc.
  • Egypt during the time of Cleopatra
  • France during Louis XIV’s reign
  • France during Louis XV’s reign

I definitely love more time periods and countries than I have mentioned above but those are the places I feel I would best fit in.

Random post… *shrugs*