Isabel Marant: The Benny

Well… it looks like Ms. Marant is releasing a new wedge shoe this season called The Benny. I hadn’t heard about this style anywhere until I just looked on my new fave online shopping spot for IM clothes!

I’m not so sure about this style myself… I’m rarely to ever a fan of wedges (the Bekett sneakers are a total exception because the wedge is not “visible”) so I don’t think I personally will be going after these. But they’re definitely OUT THERE! I can see a lot of people rocking these. 🙂

They’re currently available on Morgan Clare.

2 thoughts on “Isabel Marant: The Benny

  1. I too spotted these on Morgan Clare whilst looking for another colour of Bekett’s (currently have red) I was about to purchase the Khaki ones from mytheresa as I got a wait-list notification but I did a quick check first as it is the bright blue ones i really wanted (I do not think I ever will get them), I also had not heard about these, but I really do think I will get them, they will be lovely for autumn.

    1. 😀 I’ve got the red ones too but I really truly have my little heart set on the blue ones as well! But now I don’t know if I can justify owning two bright Beketts, lol! Good luck acquiring all the shoes on your wishlist! This particular Fall/Winter has so many good designs out!! 🙂

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