My So Called Life

Oh no… I think I’m in trouble! After watching episode six of popular 90s show My So-Called Life I suddenly have a brand new craving for a new Isabel Marant shirt… one WAY out of my price range!

The reason I want it so badly is because in the 90s TV show one of the characters is wearing a shirt that oddly resembles the Isabel Marant shirt. And since she looks so cool and laid back with it I suddenly want the IM shirt. Except I’m sure that back in the 90s the shirt the character is wearing probably cost pennies compared to the IM shirt!

Here are some screen caps:

Inspiration comes from all sorts of places. Now I’m not saying anything about whether or not Isabel Marant ever saw this original shirt (seems unlikely as this is an American 90s TV show) but it is definitely a big coincidence! Ah.. can’t believe I’m suddenly lemming for a shirt I thought I could very easily SKIP this season. ^_^;

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