MonthSeptember 2012


This month was absolutely insane. I don’t even know where to begin. Actually I don’t even want to recount the ways in which I was so conflicted. But this September will definitely be one of those memorable months in my life, dat’s 4 sure.

Just way too much happened in a short period of time.

Come to think of it, this YEAR has been hectic. I *did* ask for life-altering events secretly because I felt my life was getting much too dull. Guess I got a bunch of craziness.

Return of someone. Vanishing of another. A re-emergence. Flash romance. New job. New home. Physicalities in three different ways (I, S, A).

Start at my new job on the 1st of October. Oh please, only good things for the remainder of the year. I’ll settle for dull.

Strolling Down Memory Lane

For memory’s sake I want to revisit what my apartment used to look like. I’ll be moving into a new apartment this Sunday. Technically, I’m not moving in officially until the 1st of October but my furniture gets to move in before I do. The living room is nowhere near as spacious so I’m going to have to get extremely resourceful with my decorating.

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Let’s Talk About Stella One More Time

Well! I had no idea until this very moment that celebrities have already been spotted wearing that Stella McCartney dress I was raving about a few posts down.

Now if we had a showdown of “who wore it best” I would definitely say Gwyneth Paltrow over and over. I don’t particularly care for her acting or her choice of roles but I will be the first to admit she takes care of her body very well as evidenced by GOOP!, her magazine.

I am so sad NYFW is over… not that I attended, but I did have plenty of fun streaming all the shows on my big TV. It was as close to real as I’m going to get! 🙂 Some of my big favorites are showing soon, though!!! Isabel Marant comes to mind. 😉

A Lesser Temperature

I would love to wear my wardrobe favorites right now. Lower the temp about fifteen degrees and this is exactly what I’d be wearing right now. I’m very impatient for summer to be over. I’ve already started wearing my boots, and sneakers. All my usual sandals are already in hiding at the back of my closet – I’m in denial that the temperature is this high.

Isabel Marant Kalibo leather jacket, Splendid long sleeve tee, J Brand Maria high-waist skinny jeans, Michael Kors Blair watch, Michael Kors buckle bangle in Silver, Isabel Marant Betty sneakers