Strolling Down Memory Lane

For memory’s sake I want to revisit what my apartment used to look like. I’ll be moving into a new apartment this Sunday. Technically, I’m not moving in officially until the 1st of October but my furniture gets to move in before I do. The living room is nowhere near as spacious so I’m going to have to get extremely resourceful with my decorating.

I miss those fantastic cold, windy nights in Long Beach so close to the street and downtown. There’s nothing I love more than city sounds. I hate quiet neighborhoods. Everything feels so still and dead and quiet.

And while yes I am moving back to Long Beach… it’s in a quiet neighborhood, half a block down from a school no less! You know how people always up-sell “nice, quiet neighborhood?” That would be considered a CON for me. I want to be able to walk to bars, restaurants, coffee shops, hell – cross the street to the local market like I did before. But I need to stop dwelling on the perfection of the past. I do this a lot.

My new apartment will be nice because I will make it nice. And it will feel like home again because I’ll be living there. It’s so sad though… remembering the big space of my living room and just me in it. What a liberating feeling!

I promise myself now to think positively about this move. After all it’s a step up from now. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Strolling Down Memory Lane

  1. I love your old apartment decor. It looks like it could fit in with Mad Men. And the telephone is absolutely charminggg! Have fun decorating your new apartment.

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