“At those moments we felt we were madly in love, but by the next morning it was all forgotten.”

Quote in title from Bonjour Tristesse by Francoise Sagan.

“Terribly sweet perfume deafens me. She’s going to dinner alone. That makes her even more beautiful.”

– Nightwish lyrics

Quotes make my world go round.

I can’t get over the fact that he’s so beautiful to me. I have so much simultaneous love and hate for him. There’s so much admiration for him, but because I feel so detached from his life I can’t help but to force extreme disapproval on everything he does, in order to cope. And no matter what I do or how much time has passed, the feeling that he’s perfect for me just never goes away. I want to make him the happiest person by loving him so completely that he’d understand how I have felt all along. But because I’ve never been given that opportunity my life feels so devoid of fulfillment.

But I also know how transient my emotions are. I feel extremely passionate for a short period of time until the eventual dissipation of all emotions. And then I feel absolutely nothing at all.

Sometimes I feel like a complete bitch for feeling nothing at all. It’s all just for show… or the expected response. But I’m also very kind. You either have all of my affection or none.

I want him only. No one else.

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