Craziest week of my life, ever.

This whole year has really fucking thrown me for a loop. Too much has happened this year I can barely even absorb it all. And the year’s not even over.

If 2012 could be described in a color, it would be red.

Blood. Red hair. Red boots. Red sneakers. Just RED.

So much blood. I practically sliced off my finger two weeks ago. Blood everywhere. On the wall, on the floor, on the carpet, on the sink.

I also got my period this year. Honestly I wasn’t expecting to get my period until next year. Ever since 2006 I get my period the last few days of November every other year. Most random thing ever. I don’t really give enough of a fuck to fix it. I don’t think I’d be able to handle having to bleed every month. How women do it is beyond me.

Blood stained sheets.

If I’m being completely honest… I slept with one of my friend’s friend this week. And an engaged guy had his hands up my shirt and down my pants. And R’s back in my life and he’s sending me naughty emails (we’ve been down this road before…) and he has a girlfriend of like a bajillion years. And S is super cute and I like talking to him – but he’s very insistent on pictures and that’s really hard. I have to try very hard for him and the experience with him is definitely very different from other experiences. And M. Sigh. The only one I want is M.

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