September Investments


I was doing so well… and by well I mean staying on my clothing budget for the month. Until Sunday night when the Phillip Lim for Target collection came out. AHHHH… I think I got a little overly excited and ordered things I don’t particularly need. The top two rows really illustrate the extent of my needs for the month well… with the exception that the checked wool coat was more an aesthetic based decision. The coat just matched the boots and jeans I was wearing at the time of purchase that I could not leave without it despite the fact that it’s still close to 90 degrees here.

The heels are … amazing! They’re a size 5 (how lucky!), they fit, there’s cushioning at the balls of the feet, and they’re pretty much very bad-ass. The price point was not bad at all either!

Last month I really invested in two new pairs of jeans… and this month my emphasis was on tops for work. Though a few other items manage to sneak in there of course.

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