DayOctober 16, 2013


I am a collection of quotes as of late. I’ve birthed about half a dozen posts only to feebly abort them minutes later because I have nothing to say, only lines to repeat. The pressure of new conception has rendered me infertile. Regurgitation and repetition save me.

So in that vein, I’ll just run with it:

Purge, then binge, restart and insert the sutures
Turn off the lights, I’m watching back to the future

They said that you have got a map of my insides
Purge, then binge, pop some pills and you’ll be fine

— Dance Gavin Dance

I can’t seem to stop listening to music. All kinds. It’s even hard to stop listening to music long enough to watch an entire movie. In fact, I paused Burning Man about twice or thrice just to listen to music. The silence is deafening.

Tense and time are still interesting me as of late though this time around maybe not quite so personally. And I’ve been reading a little bit more as of late as well. Lots of fun activities have been occupying my time. But again, my concentration levels are slowly dwindling so I’ve settled on generating a passion for short story form because novels feel inconceivable to me right now.

These are the tenses that define us now: past tense, back then; future tense: not yet. We live in the small window between them, the space we’ve only recently come to think of as still and really it’s no smaller than anyone else’s window.

— Margaret Atwood, Moral Disorder and Other Stories

My body hurts right now. I did the hardest workout in my repertoire after about four days of not exercising at all followed by a handful of hours of sleep then another workout in the morning immediately after waking up. I don’t think I gave my body ample time to heal. My push-up count has gone down significantly, sadface. My shoulder blades are extremely sore and my right bicep and forearm feel swollen though they’re not. My quads feel ridiculously hard. MY BODY NEEDS TO HEAL. I’m sure I’ll get used to stacking my workouts back to back like this soon… it’s not really an option… I’m working out this evening and again tomorrow 3 AM due to time constraints/events.

Speaking of events, going to see Tim Kasher in concert tomorrow with Javzster.

(I take great pleasure in giving people nicknames, lmao. Too bad my name is already shorthanded to Bri – so what people do is instead make my name longer… most recently: Breeshenae c/o C-Los which I then converted to Aubrey Janae because you know, I’m a classy bitch.)

I’d like to say the title of this post means something. In truth, it does. We’re talking again. Slowly. Cordially. Amicably. Etc., etc. No big deal though. I’m more than grateful for conversation which is something that has been seriously lacking in my life for a while. There’s nothing quite like good conversation to me. I prize that so highly. Talktoher. (Good film, btw.)

Today. Today. Today. I’m not sure how today is going to play out just yet. I’ll probably cook dinner because I have so much flipping food at home – I’m thinking either ribs or salmon, both of which I defrosted yesterday so I could have the option. The ribs are going to take HOURS to make. The salmon – fave recipe of mine, takes about an hour and a half (to account for marinating time). Never made ribs before… so maybe I’ll challenge myself.

I finish my morning work very early, leaving me with so much free time until about noon. Yawn, yawn, yawn. Let’s cuddle in bed scantily clad and in warm, thick woolen socks. Lol. Ideas of grandeur right? I need a dog or a gigantic teddy bear, to supplement.

I’m quite tempted to delete this post as well. I’ve said very little. Honestly I have about like 10 quotes collected that I want to just… post. And call it a day. So much and so little.