“I’ve Had It Up To Here for the 37th Time This Year”

Conversation chemistry.

Him: Can I be Mr Rochester when I grow up plzzz
Me: Sure
Him: Sweet thanks
Me: I’m looking up a character analysis btw lest you think I didn’t take your request srsly.
Him: Never, you’re fastidious to a fault, and as obliging
Me: I can’t retaliate. Wtf!
Him: Is that bad?
Me: I would like to pretend you didn’t know me so well.
Him: Indeed. You may pretend I spent very little time thinking of you if you like, but it was not so
Me: Don’t say that to me.
Him: Well, as I treated you very poorly anyway, it’s hardly a compliment to myself

What a relief it is to not have to explain myself, to merely be understood. And for me to like everything he says, too. I’m just enjoying the little bits of conversation we have here and there…

And I know I can do all these things alone now … but only because I know that really I’m not so alone, in conversation anyway. My favorite conversation partner. I think the distance helps. Knowing he’s in grad school in New Jersey makes it all the easier to talk, and makes me all the stronger. I don’t know how that works exactly.

The situation is too new, too fresh for me to analyze it properly (and really I probably shouldn’t anyway). But I want to remember this feeling of pure conversational enjoyment. Before the feeling slips away. Before I want anything more or less than conversation (depending on how you look at it, amirite?)

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