The More You Get, The Less You Are

Unfortunately… too much has happened that I’m going to have to recap in bullet form. Guess I won’t be able to dedicate more than a few thoughts to each thing. Obviously I’d love to write in-depth about all these things that I love, but I haven’t the time for that. Or the readership. Lmao. So… onwards! In bullet form!


  • Anthony Green’s “Young Legs” album out today!
  • Just purchased my ticket to Circa Survive’s December 28 show at The Shrine. They’ll be playing with The Dear Hunter! Two for one!!
  • The Sound of Animals Fighting will perform once again…! March 28, 2014. You better believe I’m going! Anthony Green and Matt Embree? Perfection.
  • Recently heard “The More You Get, The Less You Are” by Anthony Green. How I managed to never have heard this song before.. I don’t know. But it’s beautiful and perfect. And everything about the song touches me.


  • Thursday: went to see Ender’s Game! Ahhhhh. Ender’s character was so absolutely brilliant. I understood what he was capable of and what he must have felt. I just connected to his character so much. The actor was fantastic for the role. 🙂
  • Friday: Got word that Blue is the Warmest Color was going to start playing at the Long Beach Arts Theater. Worked 10.5 hrs that day and made it just barely in time for the 4:30 showing. The movie was 3 hrs long! There was a 10 minute long lesbian sex scene (okay… I actually just guessed it was 10 minutes, looked it up, and INDEED it was TEN FULL MINUTES LONG)… and I almost died. My face was so red the entire time. I was quite grateful to be watching it alone… not sure I could have been able to watch it with Javi, lmao.
    The film won Best Picture at Cannes 2013. I loved it. Just loved it. Adèle’s character was so … pathetic and sad and lovesick. They made mention to two of my favorite novels (Princess of Cleves and Dangerous Liaisons), and FACT: the movie falls under one of my FAVORITE genres (foreign indie gay romance). Lmao. NICHE, I know. I’m cuhrazy.
  • Monday: I worked Veteran’s Day. Gah! Of course I did. But anyway… we had a short day anyway. And afterward I went to go see Thor. The humor was very far-reaching and cheesy. But LOKI. Loki, you made the film for me. My favorite scene was when Thor asked Loki to stop with the charade and drop his illusion. Then the viewer is able to see not a regal, composed Loki, but a heavily distraught and emotionally broken Loki. And because of the nature of his character and how he constantly plays this back and forth between good and evil just which of the two Lokis is real? How can he be so cold and self-interested but still possibly feel anything at all? Maybe he doesn’t. Anyway, I heartz Loki.


  • Spent Saturday and Sunday in Las Vegas!! Honestly I should write more about this weekend trip because OMG… the food, the show, the fashion. I’ll dedicate a post to this. Up next.
  • I maaaay be going to Nebraska this upcoming weekend. My grandfather wants to go the cattle ranch of some friends of his to learn some farming techniques. And to visit his friend, too, obviously. But everyone else in the family is busy/would not go in a million years to a cattle ranch. BUT YOU KNOW ME… I loooove everything. The idea of going to a cattle ranch in the middle of fuck nowhere sounds straight out like an adventure and LIFE EXPERIENCE to me. Eee!!!


  • Still I persist in staying away from as many people as possible. I’m not in the mood.
  • However, tomorrow after work I’m having an all-day hang with Moonie. What began as “let’s have lunch” turned into… “lunch, mall, dinner.” Heh heh. Guess I’m not getting out of this one! Anyway, socializing is obligatory for me right now. It’s always interesting with Moonie. I just hope she talks a lot, so I can just listen. I don’t want to talk.


  • Celebrated my grandfather’s 63rd birthday last week on Saturday.
  • Celebrated my cousin Georgito getting his driver license.
  • Have I mentioned my family celebrates EVERYTHING? It’s a sunny day? BBQ! It’s… a Sunday? BRUNCH! Etc. etc. 🙂 I love my faaaamily to pieces.

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