Want to surrender, could you show me how to?

Las Vegas trip!!! We stayed at The Wynn. We had drinks at Parasol Up, Parasol Down. Ate dinner at Lakeside. I tried on a ridiculous $3000 Oscar de la Renta coat (shown in the gallery… I have NEVER had a bigger smile despite the fact the coat is so ridiiiic and asymmetrical in a non-edgy way). Bought a Chanel lipstick, touched a bunch of Alexander McQueen clothes. Watched Le Reve!!!!!!! I have neeeeever ever seen a show quite like Le Reve. It was a dreamscape! The performance took place in the water, in the air, on the “stage” and just wow… I have never seen a show like it in Vegas before and I seen LOTZ o’ shows in Vegas. Brunch was deeeelicious. I consumed a bajillion calories ahahah. Kept it healthy though by drinking a protein shake… and then a few hours later a MILKSHAKE. So null and void? Lmao.

I got ridiculous compliments on my outfits both Saturday and Sunday… I was wearing leather pants. Hahaha. And my Valentino Rockstuds. And on Sunday I wore my red Chloe boots. And I went inside Neiman Marcus (I only bought a skirt, promise!!!!) and this girl came up to me… and she said she had seen me walking by outside when she was in Starbucks and she fell in love with how I was walking in my boots. LMAO. Yeah… alright. I was extremely flattered. I was strutting. Hahaha.

We also hit the oyster bar at some point. Gaaah. I feel so full just recalling all da food we ate.

Overall though… I enjoyed this flash trip to Vegas EXTREMELY. <3 <3 <3!!

I would get in-depth but eh… the pictures should do my memories justice for now.

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