Young Legs

“I don’t wanna spend my whole life waiting,
my whole life wondering when you would come.
To see it for what it is…”


Last night’s Anthony Green show… I think there are just no words. It was amazing. AMAZING. Every single song had such raw energy, the crowd singing and dancing. It was an explosion of energy and emotion and I swear there were three moments when the words got stuck in my throat because I was overwhelmed by the goodness that is Anthony Green. Ugh. And it just reminded me how FEELING Anthony’s music is and I need to bring every song he’s ever touched back into a very healthy rotation.

I feel overwhelmed with happiness thinking about last night. My heart gets this overly-full feeling and I can feel the happiness brimming to the very top of my throat where words just literally CANNOT describe the emotion because I can scarcely speak. A very high-pitched, “Eeeeee!!” is prolly the most I could say.

This will soon be in image form but this week’s round-up (recommendations, things worth noting, etc. I’ll come up with a formal title soon!):

Visually-striking film: Upside Down (2012) with Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess. The whole film  is beautiful and a feast for the eyes. Admittedly its weak point is in the development of the characters’ romance with a very swift exit into “happily ever after” that left me wanting more. However, it’s worth a ‘quick’ watch (even without much investment) purely for the use of surreal imagery and color. It’s exactly what I needed.

—– DAYS LATER… Started this post on Friday. It’s now Monday. Safe to say I won’t be finishing this post. But… for the sake of Anthony Greeeeeeen memories here it is.

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