DayNovember 30, 2013

Spring 2014

I know… I know! I’ve just amassed a huge chunk of black clothing carefully curated via pre-Black Friday sales (I don’t play that silly game, yo)… but the MOMENT I laid eyes on the Helmut Lang Villous jacket in that beautiful baby blue… I knew I had found my color for Spring 2014. I own the same jacket in black. I wear it about twice a week, casually, or even to work on those non-fussy days. Dreaming of Spring baby blues and pinks. Pink is très à la mode now, for Winter, I’m well aware. But instead of a pink coat that will rarely get used (considering the price tag of coats anyway…) why not a pink blazer? I owned one last year but alas… it fits too big now! The constant problem of a workout addict.

Without further ado:


Evolving (Video Round-Up)

I think my sense of style is very quickly evolving. La vie bohème of my youth is slowly manifesting itself into something far more structured and clean and proper. I cannot get enough of structured silhouettes, leather, patent stilettos, oxfords, ballet flats, blazers and coats, and something occasionally just edgy enough to still pass for classic.

Here is a little video round-up of what I’m dreaming of these days.