The Classics


The cute little pink thing in the upper right hand corner was the unlucky bag to go completely unused, taken away from me moments after purchase. Fear not! I’m hoping to re-obtain her soon enough.

In the mean time I have the bottom two bags coming my way – a Saint Laurent Duffel 6. (Yes, duffel. The French are tres chic) Though I am worried about the thin calf leather… I’ll have to baby this bag forever and ever. I don’t think I mind that, though. Then the Michael Kors Selma was pleasantly on sale for practically a steal so that, too, is headed my way. She will be my new workhorse bag. My lavender Coach tote is YEARS old… and maybe a little worn looking (I didn’t know how to take care of handbags in my youth) so a replacement in the very sturdy leather is en route.

I’m just DREAMING of the Saint Laurent Lulu medium satchel for now, though. Ringing in at a bit over $2000 she is just a dream. Just a dream. But not for too long. I have a tendency of just winging it. Carefully curated impulse buys. Is that such a thing?

My closet and shoe wardrobes have hit total contentment stage. I have just enough pairs and shades of pants, slacks, jeans, tops, etc. that I don’t really need much else for a while… not until Spring sale season, which is a few months off yet. So I get to focus on handbag investments for a bit.

Oh that Marc Jacobs pink bag… Once my debit card arrives you better believe that baby is going to be mine again. In a mixture of sumptious lambskin and calf leather… and just so handy dandy for everyday use… she’s also that perfect pop of color worth investing in for the long term.

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