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Yves Saint Laurent. Scheduled for release in France January 8th.

This week I have watched Rush, Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyer’s Club, and Invisible Woman. Films courtesy Actors Guild or something like that. For awards consideration. Sent very kindly to my aunt’s actor boyfriiiiiend who then so kindly lent them to me. I have four more films in my stash before I trade for another handful. Hopefully at least 1 or 2 shall be consumed today!

Movies are my lifeblood. Stories consumed in two hours, more or less? I’m so there. Time is an expensive commodity. So timed life enjoyment? Perfect.

Also, I’m about 2/3rds of the way finished with “what purpose did i serve in your life” by Marie Calloway. I have to say… this book is everything to me right now. And though I have had a million and one thoughts I have refrained from highlighting, quoting, or otherwise writing about it. For now I am just enjoying. Just taking it all in. And trying not to analyze it too much. But I understand it. And because I understand it I think there is this mutual “ah, ok” agreement between me and this book where I need *not* write about it, over-think it, or even explain myself (to myself) about why I can relate so well.

I’ve been having a great deal of very complex (and also very dark) dreams lately. Nightmarish to the nth degree, truly. There are some sick creative thoughts stirring up in my brain as of late maybe. Or just a lot of darkness.

I realized the other day that one must be doing something in order to write about something. Or otherwise one is doing a lot something that there is just no time to write about said something. Where is the healthy middle? I’ve been trying to find it. So that I might write again.

My days have been quite random as of late. I think I’ll refrain, again, from delving too deeply. Though in the future I might regret it. But when I don’t write a lot I get very closed up again. One must pry open my willingness to divulge after some time.

Mostly things are quite mellow. Mostly. A few mistakes here, another mistake there. But no negative repercussions yet. I don’t want to be the kind of person that makes mistakes at all. But then there’s this… idea that then I am not living fully. Anyway, that’s saying too much.


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