Yes, there will be goals. Yes, I will be ambitious about them. Yes, I might fail at some of these but nothing can stop me from trying!

  1. Read two books a month – ideally one for fun/leisure, the other for book club. This will keep me literate, maybe even turn me literati.
  2. Resume my movie-watching list. I’d like to be able to know automatically just what I have/haven’t seen. My memory, however recently “on point” is an unreliable account of my *every* experience. Addition to my list: a small blurb about said watched films. Since I’ve joined MoviePass, movie watching will be a sure thing.
  3. Downsize on all the random crap I have or actually use it. Use it or lose it mentality will be applied here. I hate excess. Excess is clutter. Don’t need it? Toss it. Donate it. Pass it on.
  4. Cut down my consumerism. Being realistic here… There’s no reason to purchase multiples. I already have one pair of black jeans, I don’t need another. Excess is clutter. I’ve already started implementing this slightly. It’s held me back from buying more jeans, certainly.
  5. Let’s be real here, though. Shopping is half of my existence. I’m staring down fashion in the face at least 20% of my day, at minimum. I will create a theme for each month this year. I can only shop within that theme, and only up to 3 items max. Any more than that of any item is excess.
  6. Continue my foray into healthy-ville. Carefully considered meals. I cannot slip. That’s dangersville.
  7. No drink January, no drink February, no drink… well ya get the point! No exceptions, indefinitely. It sounds stringent but I’m actually not setting a time limit. Last time I instituted a personal prohibition I went 8 months. Then Germany happened and I was like LETZ DRINK. So anyway, this is more like a subset of #6.
  8. Prepare financially for living in the condo come mid-year. Most of my financial/shopping/etc. goals are very catered to this. I need to be ready for my upcoming financial burden.
  9. Only do things that promote happiness. Very important.

Shopping Themes for 2014 (suspect to change)

  1. January –¬†Accesories. Belts, socks, beanies, scarves, sunglasses, earrings. Not all, of course… but the options are limitless. Very careful selection of accessories. Timeless.
  2. February – Undergarments, lingerie. I’ve been tossing pairs left and right if the fit doesn’t feel right. And bras are an endless challenge.
  3. March – Tops. I feel right now I have a sufficient amount but work tops are always a welcome reprieve from the repetition. They add instant spice to life.
  4. April – Shoes. Just one pair. An investment piece. Holding off from purchasing shoes for four months is going to be haaaard~. I’m already craving about 4 pairs… lol. But I do NOT for any reason whatsoever actually NEED any more shoes.
  5. May – Knits. Light airy knits. Dresses.
  6. June – Trousers, for work. 1 or 2 pairs, and tailor my existing pair (taper, make just an inch shorter.) [Aiming for – light blue pair, navy pair] Need to replace my black ponte pair or otherwise mend.
  7. July – Tops.
  8. August – Shoes. Another pair, of course! Loafers, heels, flats, sandals… Why are there so many types of?!
  9. September – handbag/luggage bag/wallet. If needed, at all.
  10. October – Sweaters.
  11. November – Coat/jacket.
  12. December – Shoes. A third! Maybe boots this time, non?

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