I literally feel like I have a bajillion things to say. But little to no coherency right now. The thoughts are not linked or in any way connected. Such is my life these days: random disconnected moments of joy.

I last-minute decided to go to Las Vegas with Kayla, Tim, Wen, Ashley, and Eric this past weekend. Crazy random shit went down including Ashley breaking up with Eric and Eric riding in the car, sad as shit, with me on the way back. I didn’t drink. But I had a lot of fun. And I’ve gotten super close to Kayla in the days following Vegas. I think I’ve found a new group of friends.

In truth I went to Vegas because my horoscope recommended it. Best decision I think. Without going I don’t think I would be part of this new group of friends. Starting off the year very socially, I think.

And the day immediately after Vegas I spent time with Chita, Piale, and David. Fun timessssss.

Also my commitment to Freeletics is absolutely insane. It’s pumping me up like Insanity did back when I first started it in August 2012. The routines push my limits in new ways. There is no set time for the workouts though… they are as long or as short as it takes me to complete all the moves. And let me tell you, they are no walk in the park. But it’s exactly the kind of athleticism I strive for! So challenging myself to the movements is just what I needed to get my excitement for exercise and fitness back again.

I’m moving out of Long Beach to be closer to work, for a few months, before condo is finished later this year. I decided on New Year’s Day to do it. And I decided the 12th would be the day. And that is fast approaching. SO FAST. Especially considering I have “hang out” plans almost every day this week. So it’s this race to take a nap, exercise, pack, socialize, eat healthy, minimum 8 hrs of my day at work (but OT is inevitable sometimes, too). So yeah it’s only Wednesday but I have a LOT to pack, and a LOT I know I need to accomplish by Sunday.

Basically I’m life-excited. Challenges push me. They excite me. They make life not so dull or so easy.

I feel like I’m letting go of a lot of things right now but gaining new things very fast. That’s vague, I realize.

But this year is certainly starting off quite excitedly. It all seems mildly blurry and very sharp at the same time. Maybe this is what fast-paced feels like.

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