One of the things that bothers me the most is the steady accumulation of makeup I have collected over the years. Multiple times over the years I have worked in cosmetics because there’s a level of artistry and skill there that I really appreciated. The myriad color palettes you get to play with in makeup are endless! And like a moth drawn to a flame I am drawn to color… even when I don’t really wear it. My personal color palette is pretty neutral.

A benefit to working in cosmetics though… all the free shit you get. So much sometimes that you wish you could just swipe the colors on your face and suddenly be able to use brand new colors every couple of hours the way you’re able to change into a different colored sweater, for example. Alas, not the case.

And so, my collection of makeup is ABSURD. I no longer even feel a need to look at new collections or read makeup blogs anymore. My personal makeup closet is saturated with almost every possible color I could ever want (lavender lipstick, anyone?).

I would say next to eyeshadow, what I own the most is lipstick. LIPSTICK. I don’t wear lipstick. But the colors just grab me. They’re so pretty, and unless it’s a red lipstick, requires little to no effort – a quick swipe and you are instantly transformed from dull to darling. There are also hydrating lipsticks that resemble balms, matte lipsticks, long-lasting lipsticks, etc.

But here’s the thing: as easy as it comes on, it comes off! While I love makeup, it’s one of those meta things I don’t really talk about unless prompted. I know what’s going on in the makeup industry. I know my colors. I know my brands. I know my ingredients. And so on. But no one needs to hear the technicalities of applying eyeliner at just the right angle and just the right thickness to make my eyes look doe-eyed like Rose Byrne’s. A woman of class should show no struggle, no effort, and just look “perfectly imperfectly done.”

Okay so that being said… I’m a health nut. Like… dat poizon not going in mai body, kthx. So I’m drinking water… ALL DAY LONG.

So I don’t apply lipstick in the morning.

Which then follows that I will not apply anything after I leave the house.

My makeup must be flawless and stay that way the ENTIRE day. (If the product does not last, there is a better product out there. Simple as that.)

I think makeup re-application is tacky. And unnecessary. I do NOT want to see anyone applying powder at the dinner table. If your face is looking or feeling oily, maybe there’s a problem with your skincare routine/diet. Or the product is not the product for you. Please do not apply powder at the table.

In the same vain, applying lipstick at the office just doesn’t strike me as something exactly professional.

And so my big collection of lipsticks? Widely underused and unappreciated.

But guess what? When I do wear lipstick and there is a photo involved I instantly look about 10x more awake and happy than if I am without.

So now that I have presented this whole logical reasoning for the current state of things… my new goal is to finish as much god damn makeup in my collection as possible this year.

Am I out of my favorite foundation? Yes.

Do I own other foundations? Yes.

Here I can either: use up my other foundations, though they are slightly subpar or repurchase my favorite foundation on the condition I toss the subpar foundations?

Here’s where I’m torn.

I could very easily throw away a huge chunk of my makeup collection or I can resolve to use it.

The end goal is the same: dwindle my collection down to necessities.

I hate the accumulation. I hate the clutter. And for the most part I have a very established makeup routine. Sometimes I will switch my blush color or use a different brown eyeshadow… but it’s all the same shit anyway.

Ah! A thought has suddenly crossed my mind…

I will pretend in any given month that I own only three lip products: a chapstick/balm, a neutral lipstick, a brighter lipstick. And I *will* use one of the three every. single. day. for the rest of the month. I think it would be too hard to limit myself to just one lipstick in any given month for fear it may not always match. But I think in creating a rotation of a limited number of products with the promise to use it, it will. And quite faster than a random swipe here, a random swipe there… no lipstick would ever get used up that way. In fact, I never ever have finished a lipstick. There is ONE I’m almost done with… and of course… it was limited edition… and no longer in production. So I’m clinging on to it for dear life. Figures.

Why I felt compelled to write an miniature essay on how and why I need to use lipstick everyday… I will never know.

Boredom strikes at work mayhaps. Someone ought to give me a promotion so I can do more… always more. I’ve jam-packed my schedule so tight lately… exercising my brain and my body to max possible… Let’s hope I don’t collapse soon!

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