Shopping: January Round-Up

Purchases for January

Early in the month I went to Las Vegas with friends. I was good, didn’t drink, even threw in a late night workout at the hotel. I didn’t spend very much money, except for chipping in for the hotel, of course. Friends bought food and we cooked for the most part. We did do brunch and few quick foods but I’d say my spending was very minimal for a Vegas trip, but was an unplanned expense nonetheless. However I did gain new friends in the process.

On the Sunday of that Vegas weekend, just before we left… the emphasis was definitely on shopping. We even stopped by the outlets at Primm before driving back home. I didn’t purchase anything at the outlets but I did make a purchase at Planet Hollywood… an expensive, unplanned one.

I lost my best favoritest sunglasses when I was in a car accident back in Dec. 2010. They were gorgeous aviators that ran a smidgen more square than round, perfect for my super round circle face. And since then I haven’t exactly had sunglasses. I mean I have, but nothing I was attached to to make part of my “look.”


Prada 52PS

I also had been holding on to a store credit from Solstice for three years… lmao. So I resolved to make the sunglasses my monthly purchase. This did mean that I changed my January shopping theme from trousers to accessories – something I had planned well into the middle of the year because I don’t consider accessories very important (which is perhaps a rookie fashion mistake).

But I think considering my move in January, purchasing anything that would add to my baggage wouldn’t make sense. But sunglasses, now those are handy things. So I felt justified in changing my theme. Also this year I’ve resolved to begin adding gold elements to my wardrobe vs strictly silver/platinum/white gold. A step in the right direction.

Then on the 2nd to last week I purchased an Everlane slim compact leather wallet, a purchase I’d been mulling over since middle of December but held off from purchasing because I purchased far too many luxury goods that month… lmao. But still, the wallet remained a necessity. I’d been using the same fabric Coach wallet for maybe 5 years, if not more. The condition on it is still amazing but the weight and size of it just didn’t feel right anymore.

8901056f_fff0Everlane wallet

In round-up, I think I chose wisely on the theme for the month and also chose items I truly did need and use. For example, I used the sunglasses -without fail- every single day this month. The fit of the sunglasses is absolutely perfect and they serve their purpose well.

Did I save money with this Shopping Goal of mine? Not this month. From an unplanned Vegas trip to moving expenses to having to purchase a formal dress for the Annual FPFC dinner dance for work, I definitely did not save any money this month. But I don’t regret the purchases I made either. Both items were quite practical and carefully thought through purchases.

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