Spring is just a little over a month away.

It’s supposed to represent new life, new beginnings, flourishing, transformation, and so on…

But I’m not silly enough to believe that such change comes about supernaturally. Any change I’d like to manifest must be self-created, get the ball rolling so to speak. One cannot see the blossoms manifest without first toiling over the planting of seeds. There is no reward without work.

Okay, enough of the analogies and metaphors.

I was stuck at home on bedrest the past two days. I apparently had a muscle spasm in my neck that created numbness up to my scalp and pain in my shoulder/upper back. The doctor gave me some muscle relaxants that mostly knocked me out.

And in those two days boy oh boy was my mind wandering into memories past (is it redundant to describe memories that way?). I began to think about just what it is I wanted, and if I still want it now. It’s nearly impossible to reveal very much because I’m not all that comfortable discussing my wants and desires so candidly. But anyway, this is a more like a footnote to self, something to think about.

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