A few days out of the week I start craving black hair (an ongoing issue for about a month now I dare say). There’s something so much more simple about plain jet black hair that its allure is easily enticing me. And yet two weeks ago I re-did my red hair as per usual with the addition of some purple sections. Yes, there are now purple&magenta stripes beautifully woven into my hair. Quite the opposite from the black simplicity I am craving. But as my red hair has become wholly part of my ‘look’ I’m not sure that placing an unchangeable color in my hair is the answer to my current style predicament. Besides no other hair color looks better on me than this red…

Thursdays cause me a small bit of stress. It’s the day I simultaneously feel like I have a lot and no money. I suddenly have this influx of income via my paycheck arriving on Friday but then I remember all the bills I have to pay. And then I start getting this awful sinking feeling that really I have no money at all. The happiness gets swiped right from my pockets without it ever seeing the light of day.

Ugh… some days I wonder when I’ll be able to stop paying student loan bills and utility bills and random fucking bills… It’s like I can afford to pay them off in HUGE chunks but then have 0 money to actually survive day to day. WHICH OPTION SHALL ONE TAKE? I guess one does ‘need’ foodfunfriends unfortunately.

So speaking of…

Friday – solo marathon watching House of Cards on Netflix followed by late hang with Sebastian, his trainer, and his trainer’s friends

Saturday – barre, lunch with Ketta, late night with all da boyz of book club (a.k.a. my friends)

Sunday – church service, hang with a boy

Monday – Haven’t decided yet if I want to go in to work (it’s a ‘holiday’ after all but a half day at OT pay plus holiday pay doesn’t sound so bad)… followed by a deep tissue massage in the evening

– – –

Oops, forgot to publish this post yesterday. It’s Friday now. I’m currently on a sugar coma/high… it’s hard to tell which. My coworker brought me flowers which are sitting very pretty on my desk and I feel like I want to have flowers at my desk every day. They add such lively color to my otherwise boring view of my pens and paperclips. I’ve been munching on a dark chocolate candy bar all morning and my appetite is mildly suppressed (I eat lunch roughly just before 11)…

Anyway, I keep procrastinating on pressing Publish…

Off work and to begin my extended weekend! 🙂

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