DayFebruary 25, 2014

“I turned tragedy into melodies.”

I’ve focused a lot of my energy on not thinking lately. Mostly I’ve been up to no good. Lately I’ve been trying very hard to stretch my limits… in a not good way. It almost seems to me that anything that could viably count as a bad idea is the route I’ve been taking. But it requires far too much time and energy to consider this as a matter of discussion for now.

Inspired by short story ‘Try’ by Diane Williams as featured in the November issue of The American Reader. A few key phrases from her short story were used to create my own.

“Is this what you don’t want?”

“Yes,” the woman said.

Pursuing him into the next room the woman saw exactly what she didn’t want. She had begun to curate a life full of these things.

The bed seemed to overwhelm the room. There was little question now what would happen next.

The open bottle of chilled white wine suddenly appeared very inviting. It wouldn’t be enough for even the faintest buzz but could substantiate a mental ruse of one.

Nothing about the room felt concretely real. This was the closest she’d come to exactly what she didn’t want, but it was further intolerable that someone might not prefer her. So she would let tonight happen to prove to herself that she was wanted.