Round-Up: February Shopping

Now if this collage looks mildly familiar it’s because I actually went ahead and purchased the items that were ‘inspiring me’ from a previous collage minus the boyfriend jeans (opted instead for some moto-looking jeans from Emerson Fry instead) and the bag… I don’t need any more bags for now… so I opted for two sweaters from Everlane instead. The sandals were a replacement of my pair just like it but from two years ago. Wore them to death until the strap tore.

Edit: March 1 – Returned the Emerson Fry moto jeans. They ran way too big unfortunately. They are en route back to New York. The search for pants continues. However, in returning them I for the most part only bought three tops in February which is still themed. 🙂 (Not counting sandals since they’re a replacement vs. new purchase.)


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