DayMarch 8, 2014

Add to…

The Shopping Cart.

I have been trying my hardest to curb my consumerism. And instead it’s making me want to shop more, buy more or at least go try on more often to convince myself one way or another that I need/don’t need. My wishlist shopping carts on all my favorite websites are in the $1000s. Lulz. A girl can dreaaaaam of a new wardrobe! Seriously, I just feel like everything in my closet is overused. And while I love everything I have, I just don’t want to keep cycling through the same outfits.


my-wardrobe dvf

And when these sites say things like, “HURRY. There’s only 1 left” I start to panic. It’s like OMG… omg. JUST ONE LEFT? Whatever will I do? Is this really the item I want?

I’m sort of an all or nothing. I want everything in the shopping cart because that feels like it will bring me happiness vs. only 1-2 items because then there’s the painful process of having to choose which items might make me happiest, work best in my wardrobe, have higher chance of fitting well, getting used more often. That’s just too much work. So instead I opt for if we can’t do them all, just do none and then the pain of having to make a shopping compromise will not occur.

In the mean time I really reallyyyyy do want to start wearing more dresses/skirts.

What’s a girl to do?

(I’ve had a bajillion ideas for posts but time has been lacking. This week has quite possibly been the best in a very long time.)