DayMarch 10, 2014


I am definitely experiencing a bad case of the tired.

Last week I worked overtime four days, worked Saturday, and have had nonstop plans since Wednesday night. Over the last two weeks I worked 14 hours of overtime. (Yay paycheck, Boo relaxation time.)

Sometimes I just want to experience a quick slow down… but then I feel stressed when I’m not doing anything knowing how many things there are to do all the time anyway. So it’s either the stress of doing too much or stressing about not doing enough. Haven’t found the happy middle yet.

Wednesday: LAB which takes HOURS. (This merits a whole post. This is… starting to worry me.)

Thurs my homeboy Sebz treated me to fancy dinnerrrrr at our fave steakhouse in downtown LA. The food was amazing. Mouth wateringly delicious. I ate my whole steak, not a bite left. 🙂

Then late into the night K took me to GMR driving really fast up the mountain. We spent a long while just staring up into the stars. It was the best feeling ever, the big expanse and the intense quiet and darkness. That felt like relaxation. Real relaxation. With the impending thought that it was Thursday and it was turning close to 11pm and I work very long hours on Fridays…. so maybe not full relaxation, but real relaxation.

Then on Friday I went to go test drive some Audi’s at McKenna and took a quick peek at some Bimmers as well. Then rushed to dinner with my friend M. We had Indian food and it was delicious. Then we went to her house and watched some videos until again, it started getting ‘late.’ Went home, did a quick easy workout and then Zzz.

Saturday: work. Then went to the Santa Anita race track for a work event and brought along M and K. The food was purdy delicious. We had some funnnn. Then we dropped off K. M and I continued the hang by watching Scandal. Then we headed to ‘Surf and Turf’ dinner at my temple. That was super fun. After dinner we walked around Little Tokyo where there was karaoke going on outdoors. We watched for a while and I know I enjoyed (being a spectator, never a participator – I cannooooot sing.)

Sunday, I attended church service. Then went to the movies with Sebz. We watched 300. Which hardcore blowed. Very few redeemable qualities about this movie except for the eye candy…

Today I test drive some Bimmers. Today I get to decide what new car I’m getting. Big decision.

This is perhaps called SKIMMING the surface on everything that happened.

In between… a lot of things happened. So much I’m trying to wrap my brain around the finer details.