I’ve abandoned the LAB post. It’s not something I feel like talking about anymore or ever (for now).

The tail end of last week really exists to me only as a blur. The beginning of last week went by extremely fast (and concretely) and then by Wednesday evening the days stretched very long and things stopped feeling real.

I’m existing in what I can only guess subspace feels like. Things feel very blurry and strange in my mind right now. This would be prime time not to make any decisions. At all.

I’m existing physically but it’s hard for me to even feel present.

I’m not grounded at all right now.

I just need the work day to end so I can sleep, meditate, or allow the thoughts to form into something of substance. Right now there’s too much swirl.

It’s very hard for me to form lasting memories in this state. Very little sticks. Comprehension slows to a crawl.

This feeling is no good. The day it goes away will be good. I need to hone my focus on real things right now.

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