DayApril 29, 2014

Sheltering Sky

I’ve deluded myself into thinking that if I manage to figure out Port I will figure it all out. But while I can see exactly what kind of character Port is I just cannot comprehend how he is that way or why or how there’s any room for anyone else in a life like his or what his motivations and needs are!


And I know that even if I figure out some character in a novel it will not solve anything in real life whatsoever.

But there’s something very familiar about Port’s existential musings. I recognized them from the first page.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what powers Port’s existence. I’m almost afraid to find out.

But he and Kit seem to be leading parallel lives. They are singularly similar and yet never meet anywhere in the middle.

No characters have ever scared me the way these do.

I’m almost aiming for a Tunner-like existence at this point. I don’t want to relate to Kit the way I do. Because I know I’m not exactly Kit.

Well anyway. Sheltering Sky. May be joining my list of favorite books soon, depending on how the rest of it plays out. Readreadread. That is my existence as of late.

A blog on real things coming soon.