DayMay 5, 2014

This Week.

Today has been a mildly busy day at work. And by mildly I mean, has legitimately been busy. Cherries are here. I almost feel like that explains it all.

I had such a fun jam-packed weekend… In the past few days I got to spend time with all my homegirls: Elizabeth, Ketta, Raquel, and Ana. I was close to seeing Piale, too, but I fell asleep on Friday night… so I missed out on having drinx at The Standard rooftop bar.

This week I want to:

  • Watch God’s Not Dead
  • Watch new Spider-Man movie
  • Practice German on my Duolingo app
  • Exercise every day
  • Finish Sheltering Sky

I don’t think this is a lot to complete in one week’s time… so long as I commit to every cause.

Lately I haven’t been prioritizing exercise and it turns into exercising every other day or… “Oh it’s Monday, I won’t work out” and “Oh it’s Friday… nice little break from sweating.” And then I’ll have every intention of exercising on the weekends but then inevitably I’ll have plans and there happens to be just NO TIME left.

I’ve been majorly slacking. And I feel like I’m actually exerting a lot of effort for not a lot of returns. What needs to happen is that exercise needs to go back to being a process/a natural part of my day. Sort of the way brushing your teeth is a natural part of your day. There isn’t any question about whether you will brush your teeth – you just do.

In an article about Google X Rich De Vaul says:

But the rejection of incrementalism, he says, is not because he and his colleagues believe it’s pointless for ideological reasons. They believe it for practical reasons. “It’s so hard to do almost anything in this world,” he says. “Getting out of bed in the morning can be hard for me. But attacking a problem that is twice as big or 10 times as big is not twice or 10 times as hard.”

I agree with this sentiment. Doing a light jog and doing Insanity takes about the same amount of prep work (changing into exercise clothing, etc.) and would take about the same amount of time, too. So why not make the time of exercise that much harder because the returns will be higher?

Anyway, I wrote this on Monday morning. It’s now Wednesday. I cut my foot on glass on Monday. Spent ALL of Tuesday vomiting. So safe to say… I have not worked out. I have not read. I have not watched anything. But I don’t consider it a waste. Time to heal. Relax & etcetera. :\

Plus worse things happened to other people this week. So I’m not complaining.

What a week. What a week.