Back to it.

Took some magical pillz yesterday afternoon. It cured my sniffling nose, made me sleepy as hell – and I woke up this morning much less sick than before. I’d even wager to say I could exercise today! My cough is sporadic… don’t think working my lungs during a workout would cause too much undue stress… hopefully.

(Okay let’s be real tho – took the pillz so I *could* sleep the day away. Bad times, man. Wake me up when I don’t feel this way status.)

I’m going to take this like a new starting point.

There are problems. And there are solutions. I am just handy dandy enough to figure out what those solutions are, to my problems.

Yesterday felt like this black hole of despair. And I only had problems yesterday. Solutions seemed inconceivable. But I’m not the first and won’t be the last person to have these problems. Others before me have survived. Others after me will, too.

Sometimes I just get into this mood where quitting/giving up seems like the only possible thing. So I have to step away from that. Even if it means forced sleep. Temporary forced sleep versus permanent non-existence.

Today is a day for figuring out solutions.

When did problems become so real?

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