The Birds and The Bee Pollen

There are so many wonderful things I want to talk about because I’ve been busy living these past few days. Not in that sad “just barely living” sort of way but in that “thriving” and doing things sort of way. A stark contrast to the despair from earlier in the week.

Culling the unnecessaries from my life feels immensely rewarding even if at first it seems to hurt. I nearly used the verb ‘cutting’ since that paints a better picture as to why it hurts. So I’ll try that approach instead. My ‘cutting’ of the unnecessaries is like painfully removing some part of me, some internal piece of my being but with the realization that that piece is cancerous. However painful the cut, however deep the slice – these things must be removed for they will cause more pain in the long-run than the temporary pain of cutting. The mind, body, soul can heal from these. Unnecessaries, be gone.

Fair warning: the rest of this post is about food. Snooooozeville to all but me.

In the spirit of *culling* though… I’ve committed to an indeterminate period of pescetarianism. I have to admit, this is just barely affecting my life because I don’t think I considered myself a big meat eater in the first place. I used to make fun of my mom and would “insult” her by jokingly saying she was a ‘carni’ (implying a carnivore to which she took great offense, lulz. I was an awful child). And I’ve always been a fatty carb lover. I’ve always proclaimed if I could survive on just bread and water, I would do it. Mmm, bread. But I digress!

So yes. I’m no longer eating chicken, beef, pork, etc. But boy am I gonna miss da birdies tho. Chicken is too good. But real life actual chickens freak me the fuck out. Their wings are gross looking and they move weird and *shudders* True story: I don’t really like animals. They freak me out. But whatever. I’m a selfish lady and I’m not eating them for my own health. *shrugs* Positive repercussions a bonus. And as for seafood… gosh, I don’t really like seafood that much but in my mind fish has so many good and healthy Omega fatty acids, it keeps my eating out options easier, and lastly I’m a Pisces so yes da fck I will EATMYOWNKIND. Lmao. #cannibalfo’sho #addictedtohashtags

This has led to much excitement over new culinary experiences (the pescetarianism, not cannibalism, to clarify)! I love cooking. I love trying new recipes, I love just going into the kitchen and not ever coming back out. (Metaphorically speaking since open floor plans are all the rage these days.) #iwishicouldstoptalkinginparenthesis #hashtagstoo

I love vegetables and fruit. And nutrition most of all. I was for a week quite focused on perfecting my smoothie recipes for maximum flavor and maximum nutritional balance. I successfully made my first delicious non-green green smoothie (it turned a vibrant crimson and it was deeeeeeeeeeeelicious)!

I recently started taking bee pollen capsules for protein, vitamins, and minerals. I figured that would be much easier than sprinkling bee pollen all over my food… considering I already have to sprinkle rice protein powder and maca powder and superfood powder into my smoothies… I figured – let’s do something I can commit to without it requiring da werq of a smoothie. It’s been interesting experiencing the side effects of the pillz. They’ve seriously reduced my nagging cravings and stifled my appetite a bit. They’ve given me more energy, too… though I still need to nap a few times. That will likely not ever change because naps rock my world.

For the most part for a few weeks I’ve done tea over coffee. But since yesterday I’ve been feeling that iced coffee so today is day 2 back to the coffee caffeination.

I haven’t exercised at alllll this week, though. But I mean… I don’t know. I’m not being hard on myself. I’ve accomplished a great deal of other things in my time this week so I think it’s alright. Balance.

I think I’ll maybe crank out another post later in the day – non-food related. We shall see just how typative I feel today.

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