DayJune 11, 2014

Spring Breeze

It’s actually fairly gloomy today and I’m wearing three layers in the office. There’s the inevitable tank top, the Everlane long-sleeve u-neck sweater and then a windbreaker jacket on top with the name of my boss’ boat on it.

I’m eating this refreshing Chia Pod oats with chunks of apple, coconut oil, and spices. Since I’ve been reduced to oats for breakfast for most of my living days might as well make it a little different even if really it’s all just the same. Chia Pod Oats and my own home-made Oatmeal muffins with a variety of fruit and toppings:

chiapod oatmuffins

Despite the cooler temperatures as of late – a far departure from the 80-85 degree heat of last week – I’m craving some spring styles in my life right now.


I’m dreaming of poplin shirts and sandals from Everlane, harem pants from Eileen Fisher, and flats from Vince. Maybe throw in a long over-sized cardigan on top, too.