DayJune 15, 2014


I think I discovered what was going on with my sleep for the last three or so weeks. REM Rebound.

Every time I fell asleep I would wake up suddenly at 4am and it would feel as though I literally had just barely closed my eyes but due to the passage of time knew for certain I had slept. Yet I didn’t feel rested. I would dream too vividly to feel as though I had gotten any rest whatsoever. So then I would proceed to attempt sleep again and then awaken just past 5… and late to work… every single day.

People experience REM Rebounding when they lose even as little as an hour of sleep a night. The body then prioritizes REM sleep over the non-REM cycles of sleep… meaning dreaming instantly from the moment you fall asleep.

These past few days I’ve been taking cursory glances at different sources regarding the importance of sleep, the sleep phases, and so on. It’s all really fascinating stuff but little of it is concrete – mostly theoretical.

But I fixed my sleep dilemma for now. There’s an app for that. I stopped using my sleep app some time in April but resumed again during the latter part of this week… so that I should be awoken via an alarm during the phase of sleep closest to waking. This has made me feel a bit more rested though not entirely.

I’ve really been neglecting my body for a few weeks: little exercise (just 1-2 times a week), eating a lot of birthday cake and beer, and staying out late. It’s no wonder my sleep quality suffered.

The Internet is such a beautiful thing. Answers lay just at your fingertips, with a few swift strokes at the board. But you must first ask the right questions.

As a side note, Facetime and email exchanges have been rocking my world as of late. It’s close enough without being too close. Another side note: poetry is rocking my world, too. While it’s not much more easily digestible than an entire novel… it is less time-consuming to intake. (Lmao… the number of phrases I use that can be construed as cannibalistic is staggering. It comes so naturally to me. Consumer culture maybe.)

Anyway, today I really did work out and after, my body gave me the middle finger; I projectile vomited all the water I drank during the exercise. But I was/am happy. There is no feeling like the joy that comes from exercise. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for dat fit lyfe, but I hate exercising. It’s the feeling after that I adore. That false sense of accomplishment tinged with the promise of a future reward. Must be the endorphins imbuing me with optimism.