The Breakfast Hacks

I just finished eating my breakfast… after/during which I proceeded to look up nutritional information regarding optimal breakfast choices.

My google query?
“should you eat protein or carbs for breakfast?”

(I was trying to justify eating what I ate.)

Literally 10+ tabs, 20 minutes, and a lined notepaper full of notes later… I have arrived at the self-same conclusion: I’m stuck with oatmeal for breakfast for the rest of my living days. I think I’m secretly trying to find a way to avoid eating oatmeal. Alas… not today.

But fck it, because my breakfast was salmon (protein + omega-3 and 6 healthy ‘fat’) cooked in olive oil (good/healthy fat), and a hard-boiled egg sans the yolk (protein sans the fat) (only 43% of the protein of an egg comes from the yolk… so I see it as dispensable. Most of the calories of an egg come from the yolk as well… VERY dispensable. And 99% of the fat of an egg comes from the yolk… dispensable if and only if I am consuming an alternative and healthier fat. HOWEVER, most of the vitamins/nutrients are in the YOLK but! I presume to consume those throughout the day in other foods… so still dispensable) and a baby-sized granny smith apple (carb: low-glycemic index fruit/sugar intake).

[There are three types of carbs: starch, sugar, fiber; from there each of these three types can be complex or simple to signify the rate at which the body converts these to energy/how quickly they are digested. From there complex and simple carbs can be refined or unrefined.]

I frequently prefer lunch-esque meals for breakfast mostly because by the time I’m breaking my fast a great deal many hours have passed (about 12-13 potentially, but not always)… so I am ravenous! PLUS: I worked out crazy hard yesterday morning and I am feeling sore today and I need all the muscle repair/building I can get. So aha! Protein-focused breakfast.

I’ll spare myself the regurgitation but this LiveStrong article sums up what I already knew: a combination of complex carbohydrates mixed with protein is the ideal breakfast.

Carbs provide your body with energy rather easily and quickly, while protein helpsĀ build and repair cells (I see them as my personal muscle “repair shop” including replacing my broken down cells with new stronger muscle cells *here’s where I flex my non-existent muscles*). And healthy fatsĀ aid in the absorption of vitamins, maintaining a steady stream of energy via slowing down the digestion rate of all carbs, even the simple kind, so that you don’t experience a “sugar crash.”

All THAT above was just my preface… holy shit. I haven’t even gotten to the topic I started this whole entry for… breakfast hacks! Nutrition is my … what’s been occupying my thoughtz these days. It’s perhaps the most scientifically approachable basic human need.

Anyway… I think I’ll move my actual breakfast breakdown to the next post… this one seems quite dense and long already.

Image Credits: A Taste of Koko

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