DayJune 18, 2014

Changes in Sleep

Before I go into the changes in my sleep I’d like to note that a few other things have changed for nearly the same duration of time. For the sake of causation/correlation.

For 1 full month to the day I have been taking 750 mg of bee pollen in 4 capsules dispersed throughout the day (187.5 mg per capsule). On Friday I will have clocked in 5 full weeks of “vegequarian” eating – meaning I am most likely getting much less protein than usual. And for someone that exercises as much as possible… a low-protein diet is a major no-no.

The first few days of taking bee pollen I noticed a surge in my energy, decreased need for my then “daily” nap, and also a decrease in my appetite. So instead of focusing on my hunger I became increasingly focused OR scatterbrained on a multitude of other things… such that I would become engrossed in one topic, then switch wildly to another – usually at work when I needed to be micro-focused on other work-tasks. But my creativity was running on pretty high the first two weeks. Whether or not this can be credited entirely to the intake of royal jelly, propolis, and bee pollen I don’t know… but these were very real changes in my body, noticeably so.

I would say in the one-month period of taking these capsules I napped about once a week only versus every other day like before. This was in part because I wasn’t as sleepy and on the other hand because I was extremely busy and time for a nap did not exist in my schedule.

But a few times I felt so extremely exhausted that I did nap – again, once a week but not for as long as usual – maybe an hour at most vs. 2 hrs every other day like before.

During this time period I stopped exercising as much – going from 5x a week to 1-2x a week. So despite less nap time, and less sleep OVERALL I was not expending as much energy as usual. However, I had many more plans than usual… with little to no time at home except late into the night – just at my bedtime or well beyond it.

Despite aiming for that 9pm bedtime my sleep app tells me I get just under 6 hours of sleep a night – because my wake up time is 4am for work. So even aiming for 9pm, by the time I’m done washing my face, brushing my teeth, hit the pillow, stop perusing Instagram and close my eyes it is inevitably 10pm. And if I am for any reason social at night (pretty typical actually) – you can forget even getting home by 9pm. So sleep time would decrease even further to around 5 hrs. Then the cycle of energy boosting properties (from the bee pollen?) would start all over again so I would neither feel a need for a nap or have the time anyway.

At this point about two weeks ago (or two weeks into the bee pollen) I started having crazy intense dreams from the get-go and/or feeling like I was just not sleeping. I remember at certain points I could feel my body falling asleep (that falling feeling – stage N1 – followed maybe by paralysis – REM stage) but yet my mind could still hear all the sounds around me and I still had this great sense of where I was in a room and then some very vivid dream and then my alarm would go off… and I felt like my MIND never stopped churning because I was stuck in between waking and dreaming.

Most days now when I wake up I … can’t. I go back to sleep. And my only thought is when do I get to sleep again? Usually not for 13 hours or so. That’s a very long day to me… leaving 7 hrs for sleep… which of course is rarely the case anyway.

There are a great deal of things I would like to elaborate on regarding sleep but now I’ve grown exhausted of the subject as it takes too much time to think about sleep… when there are other things I need to be doing… as per usual.

Maybe I’m giving things too much thought but optimizing my schedule and feeling RESTED is a high-priority for me.

All manner of blogs encourage “waking up at 5am” for a better life, getting more done… well I mean I already wake up at 4 just to get ready for my day. Grrr face.

Exasperated sigh.