DayJune 23, 2014


I haven’t had a single moment of just pure rest & relaxation for exactly 9 days. Meaning I haven’t seen “home” for longer than a handful of minutes (except to sleep for a handful of hours) for that many days.

It’s been fun, don’t get me wrong. But perhaps cherry season is the wrong time to be really active and really social and really fit life.

It’s always stack on stack on stack hangs.

Friday was Work, baby-length nap, hang with Ketta&Luis, then hang with the book club for board games until 2am. Then Saturday was work, exercise, pool party, dinner, Les Miserables (which lasted three fucking hours and though I loved it… my brain was just like… when does this end – 11pm is the answer). Then I ran to the market at 11pm at night to get ripe bananas. Then Sunday I woke up at 6:30 to bake some pastries, headed to church for Family Fun Day, then went running with Sheridan in Long Beach. Then made a light dinner, then headed back to Long Beach for more board game fun until – GET THIS: 9pm. That was like a MIRACLE… I just left early… I don’t think my brain could handle anything more.

This morning there was the stream of work related emails and text messages which is ALWAYS a ruff morning… it feels like sleep deprivation regardless of the amount of hours of Zzz I actually got.

Then I get to go home for a handful of hours and I PRAY: nap. Then it’s barre class at 4:30.

Then tomorrow… tomorrow, I’m skipping my Obon dance practice to PACK. Because I’m moving on Sunday the 29th of June.

Lol. I mean… Holy fuck. WHO MOVES DURING CHERRY SEASON? Because I’m so overwhelmed right now and I’m praying my barre class is more like yoga for the mind today because srsly I can’t even stop and slow down for one minute because things are happening in the office – lots of cherries. So many cherries.

*takes a deep breath*