Meeting Needs.

So far I’ve only had this sort of mental list of all these needsĀ I’m going to want the condo to fulfill. It’s getting hard to remember them all.

  • Herbs for cooking
  • Coffee corner
  • Bar cart
  • Reading nook
  • Patio’s purpose?
    Outdoor table? Reading seats? Grill? Plants galore/garden?
  • Office space
  • Transparent things
  • Gold things
  • French looking things
  • More paintings
  • So much greenery/plants

It’s been a very long time since an entire space was mine. And it will be a long time yet until that is the case anyway. I’m mildly depressed about this move into the condo. And I haven’t really expressed as much to very many people because doing so would seem ungrateful. But truly, I am extremely depressed about this move.

Up until today I hadn’t even looked up decor inspiration because I’m just not really feeling it. Or feeling most anything these days for that matter.

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