DayJune 30, 2014


Okay. It’s happened. I’m excited about decorating my space… my new home. MY HOME. Like, my permanent residence. Like, everything in dat place is mine. Owned. What a weird sensation.

I need like a bajillion things – mainly food… and shower curtains. I had like 10 boxes of food… and yet they all contained a myriad of flours for baking and spices galore… but I have no real actual food… And then I realized showering was going to be extremely awkward and a very wet experience sans¬†shower curtains… This morning was interesting to say the least. But at least I won’t have to squeegee any glass.

Despite the necessities the more exciting parts are the details.

LINEN, for example.

I love linen t-shirts, especially the ones from Madewell. So it’s a given that my most comfortable attire is made from this natural fabric.

So enter: linen bedsheets. They’re something I had previously considered but I was always put off because linen has a tendency to wrinkle (not my t-shirts, but just in general)… and they do look a little more casual being a very matte fiber… but! something about the breathable properties of linen makes my heart all nice and warm.

I don’t even know where to begin finding high quality well-priced sustainably-made linen bedding.

Links for reference, but I have to do some research on the quality of linen and differences and establish just what I am looking for anyway. Wrinkled sheets are shmexxi right?

I’m certain there are countless linen specialty shops… but since this is my first foray into linensville I don’t know the difference from one to the other…

I have a feeling this new living situation is going to be a long journey… and lots and lots of work.