DayJuly 3, 2014

Things of Note.

If in case you are frantic like me, running around like a flailing overwhelmed monkey making some sort of strange screeching sounds there is this list to assuage you that grocery shopping need not be stressful but simply a matter of checking off with a pen.

¬†– – –

A case for staying away from coca-cola because like many people, I’ve been failing a tad as of late, calling it a celebratory exception. Or if you’d just like to know more about the production of Coca-Cola. The story involves a little bit of the Port of Long Beach and the small city of Downey – two places I have lived for a chunk of my life. Those Coca-Cola big rigs are no stranger to me, that’s for sure!

– – –

Yesterday I started a very small but overly complex gardening project. Like, I had gloves on and was mixing together different kinds of soil. On purpose. I’m pretty sure in transporting the plants I stained the ceiling of my car. Fucking¬†bougainvilleas, pretty as you are. Also I met many neighbors yesterday as I was outdoors planting, struggling, sweating, and being overly dirrrrty. Just the impression I wanted to make.